The Composer Neglected for 60 years

Thomas de Hartmann (1885-1956) is known primarily for his musical collaboration with spiritual teacher Gurdjieff. However, throughout his life he also composed a large body of his own music, written in a wide variety of styles. At the turn of the 20th century de Hartmann was already famous in his native Russia, and during the 1940s his music was performed by some of the great musicians in Europe. Yet none of his music was ever recorded commercially, and the sheet music has been out of print since the 1960s. There is more to read on de Hartmann, and a good place to start would be the Wikipedia page, found here.

The Project A gift to classical music lovers

Now Basta Music - together with many others - proudly present a unique collection of world premieres. This 7 CD set along with extensive liner notes, many photographs and an article about de Hartmann's life, brings this neglected composer's classical music back to public awareness. Included are sonatas for piano, violin, and cello; vocal works; a concerto for double bass (with orchestral reduction for piano); a trio for flute, violin and piano; saxophone and vocal quartets, and many other selections. The credits for this release should not go to Basta Music though - one man started this long ago. Read on!

Elan Sicroff A life dedicated

Since 2006 Elan Sicroff has been working to bring the de Hartmann music back to public awareness. He began by giving public performances of the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann music in the United States and Europe. In 2009 he recorded the CD Laudamus… which included three Romantic works written by de Hartmann as a teenager. In 2010 he was introduced to Gert-Jan Blom, artistic producer for the Metropole Orkest in the Netherlands, and together they embarked on a 5 year project to record a large body of music, representative of the scope of de Hartmann's work. Many more people got involved, a full list can be found at the bottom of this page. Further reading on Elan Sicroff at his own website or at the Sicroff Wikipedia page.

The Music It speaks for itself

Keep in mind, what we present on this website is just a small selection of the 7 hours of music we recorded.

The Team The people who did it

Thomas de Hartmann Project Team

Robert Fripp – Executive Director
Elan Sicroff – Artist and Researcher
Gert-Jan Blom – Producer
Guido Tichelman – Recording Engineer
Stefan Maier and Efrem Marder – Strategic and Financial Advisors
William Szal – Technical assistance
Isaac Richardson – Copyist

Elan Sicroff – piano
Nina Lejderman – soprano
Claron McFadden – soprano
Natalia Gabunia – violin
Katharina Paul – violin
Anneke Janssen – cello
Quirijn van Regetern Altena – contrabass
Joris van Rijn – violin
Ingrid Geerlings – flute

Amstel Quartet
Remco Jak – soprano saxophone
Olivier Sliepen – alto saxophone
Bas Apswoude – tenor saxophone
Ties Mellema – baritone saxophone

Vocal Quartet El Viento
Judith Petra – soprano
Anjolet Rotteveel – alto
Alan Belk – tenor
Daniel Hermán Mostert – bass

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